Treetop Snow

HOLIDAY Team trivia

 & ugly sweaters


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From ghostbusters to rapper MCs, your team is definitely unique

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Mike Y., Krysta N., Barbara F., Yoojung B., Brian H., Paul R., Brandy K D., and Silvia H.


The Proud Minnesotan

"I have a tattoo of Duluth, MN."

Your Team in the Remote Era

Nothing about this year has been normal, and teams are all growing and learning together in the new virtual work world

If you have extra time in your event, feel free to share some of your new experiences in the remote work era 


What's your favorite new show or book that you've been into during the remote work era?

Our pick: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Fargo on FX

Remote Routine

What's your favorite new routine or aspect of the remote work normal?


Our pick: Spending more time with pets and kiddos

Wish List

What are you most looking forward to doing once things return to "normal"?


Our pick: Traveling with friends and family


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