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Our Story

Can we let you in on a secret? We are Homployees too!

We know firsthand how hard it is to stay engaged and connected at work and with our colleagues. We understand the struggle to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We have experienced the satisfaction that comes when our employers have taken a moment to show us that our longer hours and dedication are appreciated. 

We are a group of Homployees on a mission to increase engagement, productivity and well-being for fellow Homployees everywhere. Our virtual hosted events are carefully curated to provide an inspiring experience and designed to re-ignite team camaraderie all while leveraging local restaurants and supporting the creative community. We call it "engaging with purpose." We are proud to share in our mission with you.

We are from the Midwest with diverse personal and corporate backgrounds. Anytime we are not chasing our toddlers or pups around, you may find us biking or running outdoors, having a drink &  watching a soccer match, or catching a local comedy or music performance.

Please, don't hesitate to Contact Us any time or check out our FAQs, and thanks for visiting our site!

-The HomplyeeHub Team // 651-888-8461