Frequently Asked Questions

You have high expectations, and so do we. We will do everything we can to ensure that your team leaves a HomployeeHub event feeling connected and inspired. If you have any questions not addressed below, don’t hesitate to contact us at 651-888-8461 or shoot us an email.



Q. What types of events do you host? 


A. You can find all of our “off-the-shelf” events like cooking, mixology, fitness or art classes and comedy, trivia, or speakers here. We also host stand-alone dinners, happy hours or lunches and can customize any event based on your team’s preferences. Just email us or reach out to us at 651-888-8461 to get started. 

Q. What types of hosts do you work with? 


A. All of our incredibly talented hosts are professionals and have significant experience in their respective fields. Whether you book a cooking class, comedy, trivia, art, speaker, yoga, mixology, or any other hosted event, you will be wowed by their enthusiasm for their craft. 

Q. Can the hosts tailor their performance for my company? 


A. Prior to each event, we learn about your goals for the event and the unique characteristics of your company/team. Your assigned host tailors his/her content to your specific attributes as much as possible.


Q. Can I customize my event?  


A. Yes, just call us at 651-888-8461 or email us. We have numerous event options that are not specifically outlined on our site. From steak dinners with stand-up shows to sommelier-hosted wine flight tastings to pizza and murder mystery experiences, we can propose specific customized recommendations for your team and work with you to make it a perfect fit. 

Q. How does the meal ordering process work? 


A. We have two options for you to choose from: 1) our white glove service where we work directly with your individual Homployees to understand their specific food preferences, place their favorite local restaurant meal orders and arrange deliveries to arrive before the time of your event, or 2) our direct order approach where we provide options for your team based on their location, issue credits to your Homployees with our food delivery vendors (based on your set budget), and the Homployees place the order directly with our vendors using the credit. We prioritize local options for all orders.


Q. For the meal orders, what if my team is spread out across the country?

A. We serve teams working remotely and distributed around the nation. We have hosted events where a team has Homployees in all corners of the country. We work to find everyone the best meal option that fits your particular budget. Where teams are local, we can arrange a customized menu from the same restaurant if preferred. 

Q. How long does an event last? 


A. Most of our events (e.g. comedian, trivia, cooking, yoga, art, mixology, etc.) last around 60 minutes. Our hosts typically begin each event with a customized icebreaker and transition into their performance or class (which ranges from 30-50 minutes). We can extend the event to 90 minutes for no charge depending on how long your team chooses to connect individually without the host leading the group. 


Q. Can I combine my event with food or drinks? 


A. Yes, most companies prefer to add a lunch, dinner or happy hour kit to their event to treat their teams. We also host customized dinners if you prefer to get together after “normal” work hours (just email or call us). 


Q. How far in advance of the event do I need to make the purchase? 


A. For most events, we require a ten business day advance notice so we can obtain orders, procure hosts, and make sure your event meets all your expectations. 


Q.  Can I use our company video conference line for the event? 


A. Yes, most companies prefer to use their own video conference line for team events, but we can provide one where needed. 

Q. Is there a limit on the number of attendees? 


A. No, there is no limit on the total number of attendees. We use breakout rooms and other methods to ensure attendees are engaged and the events remain interactive regardless of group size.  We have hosted groups over 100 and groups of less than 10.

Q. Do I need to lock in a date when I book? 


A. No, you can provide a preferred date and modify the date following your purchase as long as we have sufficient notice and a host/kit has not already been procured (i.e. at least ten business days before the event).  


Q. How does my team get notified about the event?


A. Upon your purchase, you complete a quick intake form to ensure we understand your goals for the event and to confidentially obtain your team’s email addresses. We coordinate with your team to announce the event, build up excitement and obtain any information we need to execute the event (food preferences, physical addresses for deliveries, etc.). 


Q. Can I receive an invoice?


A. Yes, just call us at 651-888-8461 or request an invoice from our concierge team via email and we will prepare and email you an invoice. 

Q. Can I add others on my team after I make an event or product purchase? 


A. Yes, you can add new members after you purchase the event and we can accommodate their inclusion as long as we have adequate notice in advance of the event and as long as a host and/or kit has not already been procured (i.e. ten business days in advance). 




Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!