Gourmet Meal

Dining Packages

Dine & Dash

The easiest dining for you and your entire team! All that we need are your team's emails and we take it from there. Every attendee orders their perfect meal from the comfort of their own home, using credentials through our business partners. The best part is it's as afordable as a drive through burger

Starting at $20 pp...


Drive-In Diner

Blend our other packages and give your team the best of both worlds. Our fulfillment team will go through your teams locations and find the best combination between our food partners and direct delivery options. The best part is that we do all the chasing ensuring that your whole team is happy. Each person will have the option that best suits them whether they prefer to dine and dash or like being wined and dined

Starting at $30 pp...

White Glove 


Our team builds a personal survey for you and your team, highlighting each individuals personal food preferences. We then build a personalized menu for each attendee with multiple restaurants pleasing even the most picky of taste buds. They select the item, we deal with the headache of getting it to their doorstep. It may be the priciest of the three, but let your team enjoy the finer things in life. 

Starting at $45 pp...


Support Local

Is your team within a stones throw away from each other? Then join our mission to support local and we will work with your favorite local spot to cater your event. Building an exclusive menu just for you to support your favorite local bite.