Got "Zoom Gloom"?

A recent Harvard Business report reveals that we are working longer days, receiving more emails and attending more calls during the COVID remote-work era. The terms "Zoom Fatigue" and "Zoom Gloom" have become commonplace in our professional vernacular, but is it a real thing? Is there any science behind it? Why do I feel so exhausted after a day of video conference calls?

Experts Libby Sander and Oliver Bauman explain the behavioral and psychological reasons why video calls are so draining in this TED article. From the downsides of staring at your own face to the lack of impromptu “water cooler catch-ups,” this insightful article dives into the factors contributing to the very real concept of “Zoom Fatigue." To combat "Zoom Gloom" and show your Homployees you appreciate how hard they are working, check out HomployeeHub's engaging experiences and gifts today!