Homployee Life - A Fresh Take from Our Hosts

We have incredible hosts performing remotely and finding ways to bring fun and engagement to teams across the country. In this article, they provide insights into their virtual world experiences and uplifting advice on topics ranging from fitness to productivity.

Q: How do you find humor in the current world?

A: I think it's really important to acknowledge our current reality, and once you do that, you start to find ways to connect.

Many of us share the same challenges, like spouses coming into our "home office," which is also known as "the bedroom." Once I reveal that my husband has crawled around our bedroom while I'm performing just so that he's not on camera, other people will reveal how they had to take a conference call in their car just to get some privacy, or they'll remove their virtual background to show me that their family has been sitting there the entire time watching the performance because there is nowhere else for them to go! I think moments that had previously been frustrating, all of a sudden become funny when you say them out loud and realize that they're ridiculous.

There is also a wonderful side effect in that we can connect different countries and different time zones and we can laugh together. Though we are all separated, there is something to the fact that the entire world is experiencing this pandemic.

Regina Decicco - Regina is the warm-up comedian for ABC’s “The View” as well as a guest contributor on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM. She is a regular performer at the world famous Friars Club in NYC and is the consummate crowd-pleaser.

IG: @regina.decicco

Q: What are your top two work-from-home productivity tips?

A: Create the right environment. Some people work best in quiet spaces, while others, like myself, thrive on the vibrant energy of the surrounding people. Find or create the space that is best for you, whether that entails sprucing up your home office or discovering your favorite cafe or co-working space. Check out our blog on overcoming remote work challenges for more tips on creating your environment.

Plan your day. We all have the never ending checklist of work to complete, and know we won't get through it all in a day. Take 5 - 10 minutes at the start of your day to pick your top three priorities for completion. For big projects, break things into smaller tasks and schedule them into your calendar. Stay disciplined with your time as you balance meetings, unannounced distractions and work efforts. At Simply Hudson, we utilize power hours - 50 minute sessions with a direct goal for completion, followed by a 10 minute break for water, stretching and quick email check.

Nicole Hudson - Nicole is the founder of Simply Hudson, a remote consulting company that helps individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups simplify their lives and businesses to create meaningful, impactful and sustainable growth.

Q: What is your favorite cocktail to make for an at-home happy hour?

A: My glib answer would be any cocktail that doesn't require extra trips to the store. Once you notice that most cocktail recipes have the same ratios of sour, sweet, bitter and booze, the average person can find it remarkably easy to get creative with what they have around the house. Those homemade concoctions are surprisingly tasty and will always be unique.

A Manhattan also works great because there are only three ingredients: two bottles of whiskey, one bottle of sweet vermouth (try to make sure they are all the same size), and about a quarter bottle of bitters--throw it all together and then just fill one of those bottles with water and add that. Put it in the freezer and you have more Manhattans than any party should reasonably go through.

Kal Huettl - Owner of Chicago-based cocktail company Hello Cocktails and a Windy City bartender for over a decade, Kal is the ultimate mixology host and cocktail historian. Need to know why the Moscow Mule mug is made of copper--just ask Kal!

IG: #hello_cocktails

Q: What advice do you have for staying fit while spending more time at home?

A: My home workout advice is to do something, because something is always better than nothing! Stop worrying about the perfect workout and just start moving. If you are having trouble taking that first step, just remember that afterward, you’ll be glad you did it 100% of the time. Dedicate time for exercise by building it into your calendar in advance, otherwise it’s a lot less likely to happen.

Adam Neiffer - Adam is the owner of CrossFit Fort Vancouver, a CrossFit Games top contender and former coach of the United States team for the CrossFit Olympics.

Q: How do you find humor in the current situation we find ourselves in?

A: For me, relatability is key. Learning from others or the self-discovery of shared experiences is a helpful tool for finding humor. There's a balancing act to be played as well. The pandemic's impact is harsh, especially for those struggling, so finding a way to acknowledge those struggles is important while also finding a way to highlight the silver lining.

There's truth in comedy so exposing that truth is an important component in making humor effective. For example, the truth is that an office being shut down has many downsides with far-ranging effects outside of forcing employees to work from home.

The silver-lining is this newfound ability to spend more time with one's kids.

The harsh reality one must face now is, did you ever even really like your kids in the first place? This, coming from someone without children, is also the humor.

Dame Grant - Dame is a nationally touring stand-up comedian, actor, host and trained improviser by means of the Annoyance Theater as well as The Second City’s Conservatory program.

IG: Dame_Grant_

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