Remote Work Is Here to Stay: Are You Ready for the New Way of Life?

This article was first published on Entrepreneur and authored by Kevin Leyes.

Remote work has been around for ages, but the pandemic made it far more accessible to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. While in-person office work will probably always be a staple, it's worth noting that by 2025, most workers will work at least five days a month from home and that 84 percent of current remote workers prefer working from home.

If you're contemplating going remote, it's crucial to balance the highs and lows of remote work.

Advantages of remote work

When you're considering remote work, it's helpful to look at the positives and prioritize what's important to you personally and professionally:

  • Lack of a daily commute. Approximately 78 percent of people dislike commuting to the office, and by avoiding a lengthy journey, you can kickstart your day sooner and use your spare time for other parts of your routine.

  • No geographical restrictions. You can work from anywhere and, in many cases, any time you want to. The remote-work model also does away with the traditional 9 to 5 workday, allowing people to be digital nomads.

  • Less expense overall. You're not only saving cash by not going into the office, but you're also saving money by not purchasing business clothing, daily lunches and happy-hour drinks when socializing after work.

  • Fewer interruptions. You save time spent previously socializing in the office, and you can better focus on the tasks at hand when working remotely.

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