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8.3% increase in emails sent after business hours - Harvard Business Review

Companies with engaged employees are 22% more profitable, yet 85% of employees feel disengaged



60% report lack of social interaction hindering productivity - Academy Health

Zoom Fatigue

 13% more meetings with draining psychological effects - TED

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What the Industry is Saying About Engagement

Engage with Purpose

With a hosted event or lunch, you get to connect with your team and give back to communities that need our support!

The creative community is one of the "most at-risk sectors" in 2020 with 2.7M job losses and a $150B loss in revenue - Brookings


 By adding a comedian, artist, mixologist, cook or speaker to your purchase, YOU create a platform for the creative community to "do their thing"

Provide a Stage for the Creative Community

With over 100,000 business closures and a $240B loss in sales, the restaurant industry is clearly suffering 

- National Restaurant Association


By ordering a Team Lunch with HomployeeHub, YOU are helping local restaurants as they are prioritized for all of our Team Lunch orders

With over 100,000 business closures and a $240B loss in sales, the restaurant industry is clearly suffering - 

National Restaurant Association


 By ordering a team meal, YOU are helping local restaurants as they are prioritized for all of our orders

Help Local




  • 91% - increase in remote work over the last decade - FlexJobs

  • 72% - employees that would prefer to work remotely at least 2x/week; 1/3 of employees would take a 5% pay-cut to do so - SHRM and Owl Labs

  • 25-30% - expert forecast of remote workforce by the end of 2021 - Global Workplace Analytics

    • Innovation giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Twitter have all leaned in


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